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A simple idea: give meaning back.

CELESTAL is the result of exchanges and the idea of what we could bring to the sector of consulting and engineering. After the various crises through which we have all gone, it seemed essential to us to give meaning back to the very heart of our lives, our careers, our impacts. We want this process both for ourselves, but also for our employees, our partners and our customers.


Sector : Services
Time period: 2022 March – June
Enterprise size : Mid-size company

The company did not have a tool capable of measuring the performance of its technical resources, which are at the heart of its performance

We worked directly with the client’s business editor to develop adapted exports that we translated into KPÏ in PowerBI

In order to make the data more reliable, we also redesigned several processes with the client’s teams to automate and correct data entry errors impacting the figures.



Celestal and its customers, a performance story








Human potential – the CELESTALIANS

Our approach is based on human potential and opportunities that are reciprocal of evolution.

Reciprocal because it is a framework that allows our consultants to be able to develop within specific technologies, perform new jobs and above all create these bridges between sectors that are so often absent or even unthinkable.

Our vision and our experience make it possible to transfer skills from one sector to another with training on the client’s business while enhancing the knowledge, expertise and desire of our consultants.

Reciprocal because it allows our clients to be able to count on our strong experience solutions which can bring another point of view, another reading grid while being technically sound.

On top of all of that, we pay particular attention to the well-being of our employees. Because any business only makes sense if it is based on the long-term and for the good of each of us. This covers the human aspects, remote working, desires for development, ESG commitment.